Urban Life Safety

Both Taiwan and Indonesia have challenges of earthquakes, typhoons, air pollutions, and other problems. However, we can respond quickly to disasters by developing a smart early warning and monitoring system with the help of AI and IoT. We can also adopt new technologies or new materials to provide disaster-resistant construction materials, so that buildings can be safer and the damage caused by disasters can be reduced.


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Security surveilance

Security of access to shopping malls and commercial buildings is very important. After smartphones with NFC are combined with surveillance equipment with biometric technology, we can be relieved of the trouble of carrying access card or sensors. If AI technology is integrated with surveilance equipment, abnormal activities can be detected automatically with alarms activated, and the costs in security personnel can be lowered.

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Early warning of disasters

Major disasters, such as earthquakes and fires, may cause heavy casualties, if evacuations are not activated in time or authorities do not respond immediately. By integrating technologies such as AI, cloud computing, and IoT, Taiwanese companies have developed real-time warning systems that can warn before the disasters worsen, buying more time for persons in buildings to escape.

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Weather-proof buildings

Conventional buildings can not defend strong winds or torrential rains. Therefore, construction materials in Taiwan have been improved to fight against the elements, increasing buildings' capability in terms of rain-proof, insulation, and wind-proof. As to air pollution, advanced smart monitoring systems are integrated, so indoor air is purified and disinfected automatically, creating a safe indoor environment.
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Accident response

Damage from fires may increase, if there is no adquate equipment. By applying advanced technology and materials, we can buy more time to escape with the help of fire-resistant materials. On the other hand, casualties can be lowered by kicking off firefighting equipment.

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