Taiwan Fashion for Culture

Having an important percentage of Chinese population, Malaysia is a Taiwan-friendly country and Malaysian people have a good impression of Taiwan. Young Malaysians are highly interested in the energy and creativity of the cultural and creative industry of Taiwan; following the richness and diversity of these Taiwanese products, “Taiwan Style” enter deeply into Malaysian’s heart and becomes popular in the country.


We sincerely invite you to join our special event and to grow your business. We provide 1-on-1 free matching chances for you. You can talk to our Taiwanese high-quality companies. If interested, please feedback to us and the dedicated person will contact you.


Stylish Foodie

Chinese love to eat, and modern Chinese love to eat creatively and stylishly! Taiwan offers a great diversity in packaged foods, all is refined and beautifully designed to become cultural and creative products on their own. Be it bubble tea or rice crackers, let’s find out together how stylish and trendy Taiwanese food can be!

Live the Cultural and Creative experience

Those who are crazy about cultural and creative items will love to be surrounded by the atmosphere and to live the full experience. And a trip to Taiwan will fit the bill, from stationery, clothes and accessories to skincare and funny cute gadgets, come to check out yourself, satisfaction guaranteed.