Mom & Baby Care

Vietnam’s continued economic rise has resulted in the increase in income and the higher levels of educational attainment. Also, parents are spending more on high-quality products that are beneficial to their children.

The culture of Vietnam is similar to that of Taiwan; custom, tradition and lifestyle of two countries are highly compatible, as are consuming habits and experience. The WOW! Taiwan Project’s campaign slogan for 2021 is "Mommy’s Beloved Baby". In response to Vietnamese parents' demand for high-quality products, it's our goal to introduce Taiwan's premium maternal-infant care products to the Vietnamese market, and bring our smart parenting lifestyle to Vietnamese consumers.


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Infant supplies

Welcoming the Newborn: Mommy and Baby, a Shared Journey
From pregnancy to celebration of the new arrival, the joyous and busy life of the first-time mom is both a blessing and a responsibility. Taiwan’s infant supplies are created with love, specially designed to make newbie mom’s life easier and to prepare for the newborn’s bright future.

Happy Mommy, Happy Baby

A healthy and energetic child relies on mother’s attentive care. Taiwan’s feeding supplies are meticulously crafted, designed and made with love, taking everything into consideration to make your motherhood warm and wonderful, and your baby happy and beloved.