Modern Business Area

There are many business districts in Taiwan, where state-of-the-art technologies, such as AI and IoT, have been deployed in the smart management systems of shopping malls and commercial buidings to make management of operations more convenient and more efficient. Moreover, clean water, air, catering equipment, and food ingredients are provided to create a safe, comforting, and cozy shopping environment for consumers.


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Smart management

Functions of conventional management systems are limited. However, with the integration of IoT technology, access systems, fire detection, energy management, and parking lot management have become smart. Moreover, big data can be collected to help design future management plans.

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Green construction materials

Conventional construction materials and equipment consume a lot of energy, which are not eco-friendly. By incorporating state-of-the-art technologies -- including renewable energy, innovative insulation and eco-friendly materials -- with construction materials, we can reduce pollutions and waste of energy. We can protect the earth and cut energy bills by saving the energy consumed in buildings.

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Safe purified air and water

More often than not, indoor air quality is poor because of closed space. By adopting advanced technology to kill bacteria and disinfect, Taiwanese suppliers of air purifying and ventilation systems can offer clean, fresh air. Purifying equipment and purifying faucets from Taiwan are made with special materials and technology, which allow consumers to drink directly and safely from the faucets.

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Premium catering

Catering services in modern shopping malls evolve quickly and must be upgraded. There are various catering in Taiwan, because we have high-quality equipment, utensils manufactured with advanced technique, and a wide range of food ingredients. We can help you upgrade to provide delicious meals and better experience in eating/drinking to consumers.

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