In 2020, Indonesia's online shopping sales via smartphones reached USD 27.4 billion, indicating that Indonesia's mobile business opportunities are rapidly growing. Thanks to the increasing demand for products and services from the middle class, as well as the fast growth of e-commerce, Indonesian retail market becomes a very attractive one to Taiwanese electronic and personal care products.

The WOW! Taiwan Project’s campaign slogan for 2021 is "Mobile Business Opportunities". Following this market trend, we will introduce Taiwan's smart household appliances and high-quality personal care products, as well as our smart living aesthetic to Indonesian consumers.


We sincerely invite you to join our special event and to grow your business. We provide 1-on-1 free matching chances for you. You can talk to our Taiwanese high-quality companies. If interested, please feedback to us and the dedicated person will contact you.


Electronics and Accessories

In a life surrounded by technology, what are you pursuing?
In a busy and packed lifestyle, what kind of memories do you wish to leave behind?
Lead a smart life free from restrictions; no wires, no worries. Seize the moments that matter; always charged, always ready.
Taiwan's smart living products help to preserve the very best of your life. No matter how disturbing and polluting the world is, at home you can always be clam, pure and safe.

Personal care products

Looking for perfect products for your daily routine? Check out our recommendations.
Designed to help you live a better life, with all small details and your personal well-being in mind. Our personal care products selection transforms the ultimate living aesthetic into your everyday routine, while taking care your face, body and soul.