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Cardiovascular AI Measurement Device

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New M561231 patent certification.


In 2017, We are also recognized by the 25th Innovation Research Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

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As the only professional cardiovascular instrument company in Taiwan, COMGO has worked with Taiwan’s most prestigious cardiothoracic doctors and medical teams in developing their products. COMGO has also incorporated smart and cloud technology to is app so that you can monitor your physiological condition at any time. In 2017, COMGO was awarded the Innovation Award at the 25th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award.

Upon obtaining measurement data, COMGO’s Cardiovascular AI Measuring Instrument can instantly upload the results to the cloud via your smartphone or other devices for analysis to examine your current cardiovascular healthiness. The system then provides you with improvement suggestions and a trend analysis of your long-term health – a convenient and real-time health management tool at your hand!

The modern-day people are often not careful enough in safeguarding their own health, which, when coupled with a heavy diet, can increase your risks towards chronic diseases. With COMGO’s Cardiovascular AI Measuring Instrument, you can monitor yourself and take tests from the convenience of your home. The regular self-checkups will certainly return your health to you!