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Tote Bag Series

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BESIDE-U knows that people prefer bags that are both functional and good-looking, which is why BESIDE-U emphasizes originality and functionality in their bag design. The special RFID anti-theft design is found in all of their women’s handbags, men’s handbags, and travel bags making them wildly popular in various markets.

BESIDE-U’s Tote Bag Series is convenient on the go and perfect for all kinds of occasions. The series features nylon and water-repellent materials, so the bags can be carried around safely on rainy days. The backstraps are strong and sturdy; the inner pockets come with RFID anti-theft design that protects personal information on your credit cards. The simple yet elegant plain-colored pattern goes with all kinds of clothing styles, so you can wear them every day in every way!

Every morning, when you stand in front of the mirror, you will see that a handbag from the Tote Bag Series will really spice up your outfit! BESIDE-U brings you this wonderfully designed handbag series so that you can create the perfect look every day!