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White Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans/ Coffee Set

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8C ORIGIN COFFEE started out as a coffee shop committed to providing healthy, all-natural food that never uses artificial flavorings or additives. The coffee they brew are flavorful and deliciously balanced, made with carefully selected coffee beans that come in a variety of choices, deeply beloved by its customers.

The White Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans/ Coffee Set is rich and sumptuous coffee beans covered in white chocolate of just the perfect sweetness; take a bite of it, and you will taste the richness of a good cup of latte bursting in your mouth. With such incredible flavors, you won’t resist taking bite after bite – it is sweet but not too sweet, a novel and peculiar little treat.

Whatever country you’re in, when Valentine’s Day comes, everyone gears up and puts in great effort into finding their valentine the perfect chocolate gift. The 8C ORIGIN COFFEE’s White Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans/ Coffee Set is a delicious and special delicacy that comes wrapped in the most exquisite gift boxes – they will help you deliver your thoughtfulness and admiration to whomever you wish to please.