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Miracle Oil Essence/Repair Scalp Spray

Product summary

ÂGE D’OR obtains several patents and organic certifications, year of experience working with top-notch medical teams to extract the essence from Sapindus mukorossi, ÂGE D’OR is also known as soapberries—— the developer of one-of-a-kind skincare products that bring you miraculous results.

With exotic, magical soapberries as the main ingredient, ÂGE D’OR has created the Miracle Oil Essence – you can spray it directly on your hair roots and scalp and massage your skin to soothe any discomfort caused by heated weather. ÂGE D’OR also brings you the Repair Scalp Spray, which moisturizes your skin and nurtures your roots, rejuvenating your look altogether.

With scooters being a major form of transportation in Asian, your scalp might be sultry under the helmet and susceptible to the polluted air. However, with ÂGE D’OR’s scalp-rejuvenating hair products, all these troubles now have an impeccable solution.