Company name


Product name

iF Facial Recognition Smart Lock

Sales Markets

Hotel, Private/Public property United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Philippines, Macau,Vietnam, Bangladesh


1.UL294 for Access Control System Units.
2.CAN/ULC-S319 Electronic Access Control Systems.
3.ANSI A156.25

Product summary

A world-renown brand, for many years KLACCI has provided high-quality door lock products to households and businesses alike. From mechanical locks to biometric locks, KLACCI’s innovative design has made it the to-go choice of many consumers.

KLACCI’s iF Facial Recognition Smart Lock features a remote management function that allows the administrator to issue certificates to multiple users via the Internet. The user can then unlock the door by using their passcode, fingerprint, or even facial recognition while the administrator can use their mobile device to check for records of door-unlocking records and user access.

The iF Facial Recognition Smart Lock significantly enhances the safety of your business or home access. It not only provides security but also saves you the trouble of carrying around a key – it is certainly the smartest and most convenient door lock design currently available on the market!