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Neuma Windows


1.LCBA Low Carbon Building Material Mark Certificate
2.Green Building Materials Label Certificate

Product summary

Energy-saving airtight windows perform well in terms of noise insulation, impact resistance, low heat transmission rate, and anti-condensation. The frame is 105mm deep, and the interior of the frame material is designed to create multiple spaces to increase its sound and heat insulation efficiency. It adopts special cutting and welding methods, and the height of the water baffle is raised to improve leaking resistance.

The lower frame of the airtight horizontal sliding window is designed with high and low levels, which result in good drainage. The lower rail guide covers the aluminum rail structure, and an adjustable concave pulley is added to make the sliding of the sash easier. In addition, the frame pieces are all combined by four-corner welding. The upper and lower frames and the side frame adopt a special welding method, which makes the overall frame stronger, and the problem of a seam between the frame and the vertical wall surface can be avoided.