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INSHENG Engineering

Product name

The only plastic centrifugal pump manufacturer in Taiwan with outlet diameter from 25mm to 250mm

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1.TIPS  certification in 2010.      
2.Passed  ISO 9001 TAF  certification in 2015.     
3.Bureau of Energy  C40  high efficiency pump standard  (2017)       4.EU  C80  highest standard energy efficiency pump  (2018)  

Product summary

INSHENG's own brand provides customized energy-saving and carbon-reducing pumps. The company insists  on product design  based on the EU high-efficiency pumps and low-carbon  C40  standards. The company's energy-saving pump series products have obtained the Taiwan Bureau of Energy's  C40  high efficiency pump certification and the EU's  C80  highest standard energy efficiency pump certification. The pump efficiency reaches  89.34% (compared with  84% ~ 87% of ordinary pumps), and INSHENG is the only Taiwan manufacturer that can produce plastic  pump with outlet diameter  of 25mm-250mm.  INSHENG has become the leading brand of customized energy-saving pumps with its excellent energy efficiency.