Company name

HI-VAWT Technology

Product name

Medium and small vertical axis wind turbine


1. More than 10 patents of vertical axis wind turbine, including in US, UK, Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan.
2. The only vertical axis wind turbine with IEC61400-2 certification, approved by SWCC (US), ClassNK (Japan), TUVnel (UK), BSMI (Taiwan).

Product summary

1. Dedicated to R&D in vertical axis wind turbine technology for 15 years. The patented design is leading other products with large margin on global market.
2. Solve the problems of noise and turbulence caused by traditional horizontal axis wind turbine.
3. The problems with vertical axis wind turbine, includng poor performance and failure to start in low wind speed, have been solved by us.
4. More than 10 patents all over the world.
5. The only vertical axis wind turbine with IEC61400-2 certification in the world, approved by SWCC in US, ClassNK in Japan, TUVnel in UK and BSMI in Taiwan.