Crazy About T-Beauty!

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How Taiwan's skincare industry heads around the world.

The secret is out: Taiwanese innovation in the beauty and skincare industry is winning awards and earning new fans with its magical mix of fresh ingredients and breakthrough technology.

The growth and recognition of T-beauty in worldwide beauty markets is a reflection of the global shift from makeup to skincare spending, and from complicated to simple and holistic routines that fight the effects of pollution and stress. In 2019, the top five export markets of Taiwan’s beauty exports were Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia.

Of course, the hero product is the Taiwan-made sheet mask for the face. Since Taiwanese women (and men too!) demand their face masks be gentle but powerful, Taiwan’s beauty brands have been pushed to create more effective, more hydrating and more creative solutions. The world has picked up on this emerging obsession.

With Taiwan’s deep manufacturing expertise, don’t be surprised to see uncommon materials such as microfiber silk thread and layers of gold or silver foil. You can also expect surprising ingredients such as cacao, matcha, soy milk and bubble tea jelly. This combination of tech innovation and trend-casting is exactly what gives T-beauty its reputation for being both cutting-edge and fun at the same time.

Let’s not forget about the importance of quality standards because we know smart beauty shoppers always make sure to check the back of the box. Many T-beauty brands have taken the initiative to adopt the latest and most stringent specifications for beauty ingredients in Europe and the US, to avoid ingredients like gluten and parabens that are harmful to the skin and body.

In this age of holistic health and wellness, T-beauty is an emerging leader in the industry when it comes to the use of pure botanical ingredients. Many brands are proud to promote their organic, vegan, non-toxic and non-allergenic certifications that are achieved through plant-based extraction and adding zero chemicals.

On top of ethical ingredients, Taiwan’s beauty manufacturers also practice cruelty-free product development and testing. In 2016, Taiwan was one of the first countries in Asia to ban animal testing in cosmetic products. Those who’ve tried a T-beauty face mask immediately feel the difference in quality. Better yet, they see the immediate difference in their complexion.