Company name

EVER SERVE Nano Bio-Technology

Product name

Ever Serve Triple Power Beta-Glucan Functional Drink

Sales Markets

Philippines/Hong Kong/China/the United States/Saudi Arabia/Dubai


1. ISO22000 certification
2. HACCP certification
3. GMP certification

Product summary

Headquartered in Taichung, Taiwanese nanobiotechnology manufacturer Ever Serve is a member of Taiwan Quality Food Association. Over the years, the company has committed to producing a wide range of high-quality products. In particular, the Triple Power Beta-Glucan Functional Drink is a special beverage that helps boost your metabolism and strength. Packaged into pouch bags, it is extremely powerful in fighting tiredness. Without added preservatives and caffeine, it can even help soothe a fever and cure a hangover.

Flavored with apple and white grape concentrated juice, Siberian Ginseng extract, and Rhodiola extract, this product has a delightful taste and multiple health benefits. The drink also contains polysaccharides that come from mushrooms and Aureobasidium pullulans, which are crucial in boosting your strength and immune system. The polysaccharides were tested and proven to be effective in reducing lactic acid in the muscles and improving muscular endurance. Certified by various reputable organizations, the product has been a hot seller that safeguards the health of many.

Consisting of 10 drink pouch bags, this gift box is a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones.