Company name

Bionime Corporation

Product name

Rightest Glucose Monitoring System GM550

Sales Markets

2019 Sales Performance in Asia Pacific Region
1. Malaysia: over 1,600,000 USD
2. Myanmar: over 300,000 USD
3. Other Markets in Asia Pacific Region: over 3,700,000 USD


1.Taiwan GMP
2.Taiwan MOH Certificate
3.ISO 13485: 2016
4. CE Certificate

Product summary

1. Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose: proprietary auto-coding technology with intuitive design
2. Reliable testing results: high level of accuracy and precision
3. An excellent user experience: read-in-the-dark display and the side-insertion of the strips

▪Our groundbreaking test strip is an innovative adaptation of the gold standard in diabetes clinical diagnostic and testing work.
▪Embedded golden biosensors and wireless strips results in stable point-to-point current conduction, providing high level of precision and accuracy blood glucose readings during the user’s testing experience.
▪Our proprietary test strip combines both electrochemical and mechanical elements, as well as an updated ergonomic design to better fit the needs of people with diabetes.