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lady's flats

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Our superb shoes decorated with simple, elegant lines make a fine sartorial addition to your wardrobe with the added delight of comfort and ease. The water-proof and moisture-absorbing materials create supreme comfort for you even on rainy days. Lightweight, soft, cushioned, and comfortable, ILR Lady’s Flats are the chic and cozy options for young women who enjoy urban life.

Founded in 2016, ILR sprang from the abundant cultures flourishing in Taiwan’s migrant society. Absorbing the essence of these unique cultures from across the world, this brand has delved deep and found its spirit and its uniqueness. Our shoes are available in G FOOT in Japan, AEON in Malaysia, and department stores and Taobao in China.

The non-slip lady flats come with a water repellent upper, making them the best pair of shoes when the downpours strike. The breathable and moisture-absorbing materials keep the inside of your shoes dry and cozy even in muggy days. Moreover, with rebound cushioning and microfiber materials that cover the inner lining of the shoes, ILR Lady’s Flats offer extra softness and lasting comfort for your feet.

Inspired by ballet shoes, the Lady’s Flats are elegant, sweet, sexy, delicate, and comfortable. ILR has collaborated with worldwide artists, producing artistic footwear decorated with totem and popular patterns and catering to your everyday walking need.