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JumpFromPaper 2D bags

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Golden Pin Design Award

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The JumpFromPaper challenges everyone’s fixed concept of how bags should look like by making three-dimensional objects into two dimensional but still perfectly functional. How is it possible, right?

JumpFromPaper is a Taipei-based designer brand that specializes in modern 2D Bags and Cartoon Bags. It all started with two enthusiastic graphic designers who combine the concept of optical illusion and pop art to create the first-ever two-dimensional bag in the world. As implied in the brand’s name, the graphics and illustrations on these bags are aimed to look as if they are jumping out from paper.

Making two-dimensional pictures into three-dimensional objects seems to have lost their appeals and become banal. However, this is where the uniqueness of the JumpFromPaper 2D bags lie. The two-dimensional appearance is an innovative and fun way to transform an everyday object into something that will certainly draw attention from passersby. The bags are not only colorful and fanciful but also extremely practical with its huge capacity.

Moreover, the brand often collaborates with young artists from around the world, who show creative and wild imagination in their designs. For example, the brand worked with The Rodnik Band, a renowned English fashion brand inspired by pop art, to jointly launch the “Pop Art” bag in 2016. In 2018, the designers joined hands with the Modern Sky record label from mainland China to release limited shoulder bags. The brand keeps looking for new opportunities to introduce the bags to a wider public through crossover collaborations like these.