Company name

Dae by Day

Product name

FENG RI HAO Living Development Co., Ltd.

Sales Markets

Taiwan / Japan / China / Macau / Hong Kong / Singapore / Malaysia / U.S.A


SGS Certification

Product summary

In Taiwanese, “tea” is pronounced [ dae ], which sounds like “day”. Drinking a soothing cup of tea is a way to savor every moment as we enjoy each passing day. While things may not always go our way, a cup of aromatic tea can always be counted on to imbue the day with an extra hint of sweetness.

「Dae by Day 」 is not just a drink – it’s a lifestyle. A soothing sip of tea each day caters to our wellbeing. How we pass each day is up to us – but tea is there no matter what path we take. With Dae by Day, every day is a good day.