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Milk Teething Rusks


ISO22000 / HACCP


2018 Taiwan Excellent Quality Award

Product summary

The milk teething rusks we produce are mainly used for oral molars from 6 months to 2 years old to relieve baby's itching caused by growing teeth.

Generally speaking, in the stage of growing teeth, the parents will give the tooth retainer to let them grind their teeth, but after a while, it is often seen that there will be scratches on the plastic tooth retainer, and the scratches are likely to be swallowed by the baby

The main purpose of the teething rusks is to replace the tooth retainer and pacifier.We use the simplest ingredients to produce a biscuit that is not easily broken through a special baking method to meet the child's desire to molar

Our ingredients are simple, only flour, milk powder, sugar, no chemical additives, no puffing agent, based on the principle of natural ingredients to ensure the food safety of baby, and because we do not use puffing agent, the baked teething rusks will follow The saliva slowly dissolves, exuding the natural fragrance of the flour cake body.

In addition, through the cumbersome production process, the produced teething rusks is very hard and not easy to break, unless it is an adult who uses his hands to fold it, it will cause fracture.Generally speaking, the strength of the baby will not break it, let alone the teeth on one side, such as The hardness is mainly used to prevent the baby from breaking during the eating process, causing choking accidents.

Teething Rusks are the first snack food for all babies to start growing their teeth and can eat non-staple food. It is also the beginning of our products reaching new children.We establish our brand's first impression in consumers' hearts through teething rusks and gradually promote them. Relevant product series of our brand, such as rice cakes, noodles for children, biscuits with iron…etc.

Nutrinini is our brand, we adhere to the principles of natural, safe and healthy to produce a series of snack foods for babys, including Teething Rusks, each product is the result of our careful research and development, strict quality control, hope to bring to every baby, healthy and nutritious every day.