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CHENG HAO Biotechnology

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Aquecare T1-The World’s First Cordless Handheld Sanitizer

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Product summary

AQUECARE T1 is the world’s first cordless handheld sanitizer. Its birth transforms the sanitization process and experience, providing a wide coverage through its unique spray nozzle and powerful motor with a maximum distance of 2.5m and maximum coverage of 2sqm. AQUECARE T1 offers better sanitization solution in terms of efficiency and coverage than all the other traditional methods such as spray bottles or mechanical sprayers.

Out of its founder, Michelle's love for her children and family, AQUECARE was founded in September 2015 to develop products that can effectively eliminate harmful bacteria in households. From design to manufacturing, all the processes are finished in Taiwan to ensure quality. AQUECARE offers premium products that you can use in your home.

The cord-free AQUECARE T1 allows easy operation and gives you room-to-room mobility without breaking your stride. The lightweight design solves your problem when you are singlehandedly cleaning the house, and it’s easy to hold even for school children.

he refilling pack contains 300ml of the disinfectant, which covers an area of approximately 200sqm – more than enough for most households and offices.