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Santé Beauty Collagen Peptide Functional Jelly Sticks

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1.Patented collagen peptide(WO2012/065782 A2)
2.Patented Hyaluronic Acid


Monde Selection Gold Award of Belgium for 2020

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With fruity flavor and low calories, the Santé Beauty collagen peptide jelly stick is a savory and refreshing snack for both your body and skin! Infused with patented micro collagen and peptide, Santé Beauty jelly sticks aim to provide a natural solution for healthier and youthful skin.

Anyong Freshmart Inc is a Taiwanese local food brand that specialized in providing fresh ingredients without excessive additives. With the motto “Be Happy, Be Healthy”, Anyong Freshmart Inc now expand their product line and strive to provide consumers with health supplements that truly brings out the beauty from the inside-out. Anyong’s products are widely popular in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and many more.

Packed with rich collagen and resveratrol, Santé Beauty collagen peptide jelly stick is here to provide you with a healthier alternative of summer snack. It can be consumed either at room temperature or chilled in the freezer for a cooling kick. The new and upgraded formula of micro collagen provides great tensile strength which boosts and supports most skin tissues while allowing skin cells renewal in a 4-weeks cycle.

Santé Beauty collagen peptide jelly stick combined natural ingredients such as resveratrol and patented hyaluronic acid to provide intense anti-aging and whitening skincare for ladies of all ages. By introducing the cutting-edge technology, each strip of Santé Beauty jelly stick is infused with 1500 mg of micro collagen and contained at least 4 special peptides that keep your skin as bouncy and hydrated as this juicy jelly stick.