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2.Patent in the Republic of Taiwan, utility model patent, M588678


1.Monde Selection Gold Quality Award
2.A'design Award GOLD WINNER
3.International Taste Institute Award SUPERIOR TASTE AWAR
4.iF Design Award WINNER
5.Pentawards Design Award BRONZE AWARD
6.Red Dot Design Award WINNER
7.Hong Kong Design Awards SILVER WINNER
8.Food Innovation Award WINNER
9.Muse Design Awards GOLD WINNER

Product summary

Dr. Chen, who has both Chinese and Western medical licenses, blends the Chinese herbal medicine and other healthy herbs to create the Jasmine Relaxing Tea and the Pearl Herb Soap, which are excellent ways to keep healthy in everyday life.

Dr. Chen founded the “Fine Chinese Medicine” in 1999 and later on started to design a range of products with the hope to care for everyone’s health. The brand “FineHerbs” was thus born. The Taichung-based company combines the essence of health-maintenance from both the East and the West, launching qualified products that have won 13 international awards.

The Jasmine Relaxing Tea is carefully selected and developed by Dr. Chen. The product has not only passed the strict criteria held internationally but also received the three-star SUPERIOR TASTE AWARD from the International Taste Institute (formerly ITQI). Unlike most herbal tea products on the market, the Jasmine Relaxing Tea has been developed with the consideration of the varied characteristics of different herbs and the combined effects. The blend of jasmine and chamomile help maintain the beauty and promote sleep. It is a great drink for everyone to look after their health.

The Pearl Herb Soap is made with 100 percent premium, natural herbs, whose essences are extracted with first cold-pressed olive oil. Super-fine nano pearl powder and herbal blend developed by Dr. Chen are added to the soap, which is pleasantly comfortable to wash with and will have no negative effects on the skin. Moreover, the soap is wrapped in patented aluminum foil, which is light resistant and can keep the soap fresh. It is an ideal skin-care product that helps enhance the natural beauty of your skin.