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Circadian Rhythm Lighting System

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2017 Golden Pin Design Award

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Specialized in lighting products, ALLTON combined intelligent system with health care in its rhythm lighting system so that every member of your family can enjoy the best care at home. ALLTON’s lighting system has been adopted by many large-scale medical centers and nursing homes, providing an intelligent system indispensable to the modern-day life.

The Circadian Rhythm Lighting System has a self-adjusting LED light source that adjusts to different-toned lighting during different times of the day. At night, the system switches to blue light to stimulate the body into a relaxed state of resting, taking away problems you may have with sleeping, emotions, or immune system and nurturing you back into health.

The modern-day people often spend long hours working inside their cubicles, leading to an unbalanced lifestyle and irregular hours that affect both the physical and mental health. The Circadian Rhythm Lighting System’s intelligent design allows both manual and voice control of the system through the app, making it convenient and user-friendly. Try it out to create a better living environment for yourself!