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Cleansing Mousse

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Dedicated to the feminine skin, TS6 developed its patented TS-2L – a probiotic essence that has received multiple certifications. TS6 has launched many feminine hygiene products containing TS-2L; they guarantee that all women can achieve both health and beauty with their help.

With a natural scent of white cherry blossoms, TS6’2 Cleansing Mousse features lightweight foam that can cleanse and purify your skin, creating a sense of refreshment. The additional tea tree oil essence and aloe vera extract will nurture and smoothen the skin, offering the best protection to your sensitive parts.

The sultriness from hot weather and unbalanced lifestyle can affect the health of your sensitive parts. TS6’s Cleansing Mousse offers a layer of protection for your most delicate skin, so that you may stay fresh and confident all day long!