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Product name

Carnation Sanitary Napkin Series

Sales Markets

Australia/China/Germany/Japan/Korea/South Korea/United Kingdom/United States/Brunei/Vietnam



Product summary

With “cleaner, better, and healthier” as its motto, CARNATION has made great innovations in research technology and become Taiwan’s first manufacturer of feminine pads. For many years, CARNATION has continuously created new feminine hygiene products, becoming the most popular feminine hygiene brand in Taiwan.

Carnation Sanitary Napkin Series has a unique absorbance design that is breathable but delicate and light to the touch. It can neutralize odor and help fight bacteria, giving the feminine body the clean and fresh feeling it deserves to go through the period clean and carefree!

Compared to tampons, the Asian women prefer menstrual pads, which means that comfort is ever more important. CARNATION has long been the top brand in feminine hygiene products, offering many more exceptional products other than the Carnation Sanitary Napkin Series, making every day through the period more comfortable and carefree!