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Chung Mei Biopharma

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Botanical Comfy Granules

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Product summary

Feeling a little out of breath? Try i-Balance Botanical Respir-All for a natural and refreshing bronchial cleanse. This vegan-friendly, Halal certified respiratory system supplement is here to help you breathe easier. Infused with vitamin E, i-Balance Botanical Respir-All is designed to support your respiratory system and fight against hazardous environmental agents that might be facilitating the development of pulmonary diseases.

Being one of the oldest local pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan, Chung Mei Biopharma values customer satisfaction and committed to improving quality. Chung Mei Biopharma strives to research and develop pharmaceutical products that are suitable for all people, and the products manufactured with cutting-edge technology are sold internationally and won multiple certifications.

i-Balance Botanical Respir-All contains vegan-friendly natural ingredients, along with more than 10 kinds of carefully balanced herbal ingredients. The echinacea and lily petals in the formula can help build up your immune system while reducing excessive inflammation of the body. The blende of monk fruit and licorice not only add natural sweetness to the granule but also reduce phlegm.

Within each convenient Respir-All sachet contains 2.5 g of MAP manufactured botanical comfy granule. Users can choose to take them in powder form or mix a little water into it. The refreshing kick of herbal ingredients can also relieve weariness from a hard day of work.