HEX Safety, Inc.


Early Earthquake Warning System (EEWS)


  • 2020 SCSE Innovative Application Award
  • 2020 Intelligent Living Space Design Competition
  • 2019 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • 2018 TADPI Award
  • 2018 IoT Asia 2018 Singapore Trailblazer Award
  • 2016 iF Design Award


  • 2020 Taiwan No. M592516 (Earthquake early warning response device)
  • 2017 Taiwan No. I567697 (Intelligent evacuation system and its control)
  • 2017 Taiwan No. I567696 (Intelligent parking management system and its control)
  • 2014 Taiwan No. I442345 (Intelligent firefighting and evacuation system)
  • 2020 Singapore: 11201701864X (Intelligent Disaster Prevention and Escape Method and System)
  • 2020 China: ZL 2014 8 0081845.6 (Intelligent Disaster Prevention and Escape Method and System)
  • 2019 USA: US 10322302B2 (Intelligent Disaster Prevention and Escape Method and System)
  • 2019 Japan: P6569964 (Smart Disaster Prevention and Escape Method and System)
  • 2019 Japan: P6539842 (Escape Instruction Display System and Escape Instruction Display Image-generating System)



Founded in 2013, HEX Safety invented the "HEX Dynamic Evacuation System", an intelligent fire evacuation system that can instantly calculate the safest evacuation route and provide immediate navigation to help occupants escape from a fire emergency more quickly, accurately, and safely. The system has been awarded three invention patents in Taiwan and five invention patents in the USA, Japan, China, and Singapore, with SFEP and intelligent building material certificates. In 2019, we collaborated with Central Weather Bureau and National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering; together, we integrated the Early Earthquake Warning System with our HEX Dynamic Evacuation System to send earthquake warnings to automatic control equipment in seconds, which can reduce disasters and prevent accidents.
Slogan: Your best solution for EEW* integrated service! (* Early Earthquake Warning)

•Year-round cloud monitoring
Autonomous self-monitoring system. If required, users can reaffirm system status through a cloud monitoring platform to ensure smooth operation.
•Improve earthquake response time
Instant alarm/response of the Early Earthquake Warning System in two seconds, which results in more time for evacuation and minimizes damages and injuries.
•Diversified applications, comprehensive early warning services
The seismic data can be recorded and transmitted to terminal devices along with support to multiple communication technologies. Several to a dozen seconds before the mainshock wave arrives, in addition to using Early
Earthquake Warning for evacuation alert can also integrate with smart-switch control systems such as unlocking electromagnetic doors, gas shutoff, and elevator safety stops.
•Initiate localized model to improve service effectiveness and efficiency
We can build a high-precision Early Earthquake Warning Main Station, with services to end-users within a 10km radius. Applicable establishments include residential and commercial buildings, medical institutions, precision industrial factories, railways, shopping centers, stadiums, etc. This advance Early Earthquake Warning System has also been proven to be more effective and cost-efficient compared to the traditional warning system. Thus reduce overall building costs and increase safety standards and smart governance.