Company name

REAL Locks & Security

Product name

Keyless Security Lock for Locker & Cabinet


1. ISO 9001:2015
2. DUNS Certified


1. 22th Rising Star Award (2019)
2. Taiwan Excellence
3. Reddot Design Award
4. iF Design Award
5. Good Design Award
6. Innovation Research Award

Product summary

Made with durable zinc alloy, REAL Keyless Cabinet/Locker Lock is a reliable and simple product
that keeps your valuables safe and sound. It is a combination lock and features a key override
system that allows the user to re-set the code. The lock doesn’t require a key, wire, or battery,
avoiding the excessive costs from installation and maintenance. The lock is perfect for lockers,
fitness centers, schools, hospitals, safe boxes, mailboxes and other storage systems. More
importantly, the product comes with a 3-year warranty to make sure the user is provided with the
maximum protection.
Winner of multiple awards including Reddot Design Award and iF Design Award, this innovative
product comes from REAL, the first designer and manufacturer of keyless security locks. REAL
stands for “Reliable,” Endurable," "Accurate", and “Lock.” Founded in 1972, it has long dedicated
itself to providing security, reliability, and convenience for customers. REAL’s high-quality
products have been sold in more than 40 countries worldwide and enjoy an excellent reputation in
the market.
REAL Keyless Cabinet/Locker Lock comes in different styles and colors and serves as a great
solution to safe storage.